My New Year Wants & Wishes for 2014


Do you make a list of New Years Resolutions? This year I decided to make a want and wish list for myself.  Here they are…


My Want List

1. I want to start blogging more and make a commitment to share at least three times a week.

2. I want to learn to relax and not be so hard on myself. No more Super Mommy envy!

3.  I want to be able to make time to sew again. 


My Wish List

1. I wish to be a better & more patient parent to my children. 

2. I wish to be in better shape for our beach vacation in May. 

3. I wish to learn how to knit properly. I cant purl worth a darn! 





    • Lil Bit of Mama Time says

      My mom has promised to help me with my knitting skills when we visit in May. It would be nice to surprise her when I get there.

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